I love you PITT but…

There are two things I would change about the University of Pittsburgh.

  1. I would go back in time and restore PITT Stadium instead of agreeing to play at Heinz Field.
  2. I would go back to the Script PITT logo like in the days of Tony Dorsett and Dan Marino.

First off, PITT Stadium.  Yes, she was old, she was falling apart, but she had character.  Also, if Pitt Stadium was still on campus I wouldn’t have to wake up hungover on Saturday morning and get on a bus with what seems like 100 other hungover kids who haven’t showered since puking on themselves the night prior for a 20 minute bus ride to Heinz Field.  How nice would it be to just wake up, walk out your dorm, and have thousands of people excited for a football game flooding the streets of Oakland?  Think gameday for Pitt Basketball times 10.  Now I know that The Petersen Events Center was built in place of the Stadium but couldn’t they have built a basketball stadium and dorms elsewhere?  Pitt Stadium fit into the hill, it belonged there.  The Pete could have gone elsewhere.

View of Lower Campus From Pitt Stadium

Final Game at Pitt Stadium.  PITT 37 Notredame 27.  At the end of the game fans stormed the field and tore out the field goal posts and even tore up the turf.  Urban legend has it that one guy sliced off his finger trying to cut the turf.

Side of building overlooking PITT Stadium.  Fraternities were known to have parties on the roofs of the Frat Houses during PITT games because you could see into the stadium from the top of the Frat Houses.

Pitt Script Vs Pitt Block Lettering

Pitt needs to atleast start using a “third jersey” with the old blue and yellow coloring.  It’s not that I don’t like the current block lettering.  I just think that the “old school” colors/logo were awesome.


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