Pittsburgh Pride

Even though I’ve never lived in Pittsburgh prior to going to college here, I spent many summers at my grandparents house (right outside of Pittsburgh) and have always felt comfortable in the city.  My grandparents would always take me to the Pittsburgh Zoo, the Carnegie Museums, or the Regatta.  My time spent in Pittsburgh over the summers are some of my greatest memories.

Both of my parents growing up in the areas around Pittsburgh during the days of the Steel Curtain solidified my future of being a Pittsburgh sports fan.  While living up by Buffalo we would always have tickets for when the Pens came to play the Sabres or when the Steelers came to play the Bills.  My greatest Penguins memory was being at the game when Darius Kasparaits scored in overtime on Dominik Hasek in game 7 of their playoff series.

I still get chills after watching that.  I was sitting about 20 rows up behind Hasek and slammed my knee off of the chair in front of me when I jumped up to celebrate.  I remember hobbling out of the arena laughing at all the upset Sabres fans.

Having a Philadelphia fan as a roomy has been a great experience.  Philadelphia fans love to talk “smack” on other teams and usually back it up, just not against Pittsburgh.  Seeing my roomys face when the Steelers won the Super Bowl and watching the Penguins win a few months later kept him from talking too much except for the fact that his Phillies had won the world series.  But when the Phillies came to Pittsburgh I had the last laugh.   http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09238/993268-63.stm

My Pitt Panthers have been getting better each year in Football and continue to exceed expectations in Basketball. The past three years for Pittsburgh athletics will go down as some of the best since the late 70’s early 80’s.  Watching “Shady” McCoy and Dion Lewis beat the records of Tony Dorsett has been amazing.  Attending the University of Pittsburgh during Pitt Basketballs first time at #1 in the polls is something I can’t wait to tell my kids about.

This game set the wheels in motion for the revitalization of the Pitt Panthers Football Team.


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